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Google’s Custom Search – a take on social search?

I’ve been playing with Google’s Custom Search engine lately. In short, it lets you build custom search engines around a given topic. You can create your own search engine around toys, HDTV, restaurants, travel Web site — whatever interests you. … Continue reading

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YouTube’s other intellectual property issue

There’s been a lot of talk about the copyright issues that YouTube faces with the vast volume of clips that aren’t authorized by content creators. We’ve seen a number of licensing agreements for content. YouTube has also pulled unauthorized Comedy … Continue reading

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YouTube pulls Comedy Central clips

YouTube has begun to remove Comedy Central clips from shows like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It’s unfortunate. Colbert’s show has been one of the leaders in embracing the Internet and engaging with viewers online. The Internet audience, … Continue reading

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Spoonfeeding the reporters

It seems that more and more news stories these days are just the results of what publicists, leakers and political operatives spoonfeed to reporters, with very little investigation. Take the latest salvo in the ugly campaign for Virginia Senate between … Continue reading

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Post-it to self: Don’t Google people any more

Google’s blog has a plea for users to not use Google as a verb. Just as we’re not supposed to Jet Ski or Xerox, Google’s lawyers would appreciate it if we stick to using Google as a noun. There is … Continue reading

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Pick your own World Series

I was driving home tonight and heard a promo on XM for tonight’s World Series broadcasts. Listeners have their choice of four programs: The Detroit feed The St. Louis feed The network feed The Spanish language feed It’s another indicator … Continue reading

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Searching for the holy grail

United keeps moving my cheese. In a few days, United is dramatically increasing the number of miles required for a free award ticket to Australia. Trying to beat the increase, I called up United to try to book tickets. (I … Continue reading

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When free costs $687.50

Bank of America made headlines this week when it announced that it was offering free equity trades for customers who put $25,000 in deposit accounts. Customers in the Northeast who put $25,000 in to such accounts get up to 30 … Continue reading

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Fun with metrics

With AJAX, streaming video and other technologies making page views a less and less meaningful metric for Web businesses, Jeremy Zawodny asks what is the best metric for Web 2.0?There is no single metric that works across all sites. Of … Continue reading

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Could YouTube have come from a large company?

YouTube is clearly one of the leading innovators in the online video space, dramatically transforming not only the way people consume video content on the Web, but also what kind of content they consume. You don’t need to look any … Continue reading

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