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MapQuest introduces draggable maps

MapQuest introduced their take on draggable maps. The maps themselves are nicer than Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s, but not at the same level as Google’s, both in terms of appearance and performance. One big disappointment: If you do a search using … Continue reading

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Mobile ESPN heads for the showers

ESPN pulled the plug on its mobile offering yesterday. The service offered an ESPN branded cellphone. This comes as no great surprise. Among Mobile ESPN’s challenges: ESPN is not a telecommunications brand. Limited selection of handsets. Limited range of price … Continue reading

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Finding out whose AIM BuddyLists you are on

When I look through the search logs for this blog, it seems like a lot of people are trying to find a way to figure out whose AIM BuddyList they are on. It can’t be done. Aside from idle curiosity, … Continue reading

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Reducing the burden of newspapers

I feel guilty every Sunday when I get The Washington Post. The routine is the same. The first thing I do is get rid of the classifieds — six sections of newsprint whose only value to me is the exercise … Continue reading

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Round and round the carousel goes; where your bag isn’t, the airline knows

I hate to check bags. I hate the wait to see if the airline has lost my bag. And the wait to talk to the overworked agents who have to deal with grumpy customers. Because of the idiotic new “security” … Continue reading

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The TSA’s big show moves to the next act

Today brought stories such as “Authorities say easing ban on liquids won’t endanger fliers”. I fully agree, but only because the ban didn’t do anything to make fliers safer in the first place. Another USA Today story talks about airport … Continue reading

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Plaxo’s elegant bounce management

I use Plaxo (not to be confused with Paxil) to manage many of my contacts. It’s an online address book that can automatically sync with many PC-based address books. One of the features is the ability to send your contacts … Continue reading

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New AOL Search beta

The AOL Search team has been working hard to launch a new search product. A sneak peek is available. The redesign does two big things: Reorganizes the left side, allowing more search results above the fold. Adds a right rail … Continue reading

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The TSA’s big show – breeding insecurity

I went through security at the airport in Dublin behind someone with a bottle of water. I didn’t even have to take off my shoes. On board the flight to Frankfurt, a Lufthansa flight attendant armed me with a metal … Continue reading

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Watching streaming movies on your cell phone

Sprint announced today that customers can watch streaming movies on their cell phones. I just don’t see this happening. For $4-$6, depending on the movie, you can watch it stream on to your tiny screen and listen on tinny speaker(s). … Continue reading

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