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Can you understand me now?

I was traveling a lot last week and ended up calling United frequently for flight information. They use a voice recognition system to provide that data. Horrible idea. In a previous job, I worked on speech recognition systems and know … Continue reading

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Google adds saved locations to maps – a first step

In letting users redraw the map, I talked about letting users save personal points of interest. Google recently added saved locations to its mapping product to let people enter requests such as “pizza near home”. The interface is a little … Continue reading

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Getting to AT&T/SBC/Pac Bell Park with local search

I was in San Francisco over the weekend and needed to get to the Giants game from Golden Gate Park. I tried entering “Pac Bell Park” into the GPS. No go. “SBC Park”. Nope. I ended up looking at my … Continue reading

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Delta answering questions before they’re asked

I was stuck at Laguardia yesterday and had the opportunity to stare at the flight information display at the Delta gate. The monitors show a rotating array of information, including: Arrival time and origin of the next flight to that … Continue reading

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Traveling to SES

I’ll be at Search Engine Strategies in San Jose next week. If you’d like to meet up, please send me an email: Apologies for the bad design in making you type out the email address.

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Searching Google’s Mobile Web

As I’ve been traveling more lately, I’ve been making greater use of wireless search tools. Google’s Mobile Web search (currently in beta) is a welcome departure from other mobile search tools. Instead of searching all of the Web, Mobile Web … Continue reading

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Comedy Central vs. YouTube

Last night, the Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert’s satire of Bill O’Reilly, aired a hilarious segment about Wikipedia and what Colbert termed “Wikiality”. It was so funny, I wanted to share it with some friends. I went to Comedy Central’s Web … Continue reading

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