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Who reads the front page?

I was trying to determine how profitable Tribune’s online operations would be if they blocked sites from displaying links to their stories. The answer: “Not very.” The stats for and (which have much stronger online operations than Tribune) … Continue reading

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Advertisers disintermediating newspapers, too

I wrote yesterday about content providers disintermediating newspapers. Advertisers are doing the same. We’ve all heard about the effects that craigslist has had on the three pillars of the classified business: real estate, automotive and recruitment. Direct-to-consumer email poses a … Continue reading

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Disintermediating newspapers (and the most useless RSS feed ever)

I mentioned earlier that one of the big challenges facing newspapers is that much of what they do is unoriginal; many newspapers are just aggregators. Comics are an example of content that many people looked to newspaper for. Mislead the … Continue reading

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Newspapers vs. search engines

The Tribune company’s soon-to-be owner, Sam Zell doesn’t like search engines. From the Washington Post: In conversations before and after a speech Zell delivered Thursday night at Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, Calif., the billionaire said newspapers could not … Continue reading

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Election night’s big winner: the Internet

Election night is a perfect example of one of the best aspects of the Internet: instantaneous delivery of information to widely fragmented audiences. No waiting for the next day to get results from the newspaper. I didn’t even have to … Continue reading

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Keeping online newspapers relevant

Editor and Publisher reports on Washington Post editor Len Downie speaking at the Online News Association’s convention: Downie worried that as people’s attention spans become shorter due to the Web and more readers access news from mobile plaforms on the … Continue reading

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Shovelware 2.0 – the mobile Web

When I started in the online business in 1994, shovelware was everywhere. Content from print and other sources was put online – shoveled – indiscriminately on to the Web. Little attention was paid to what users actually needed and valued … Continue reading

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Module-based personal publishing

On my personal blog, I’m experimenting with module-based publishing. As I adopt new services across the Web, I’m finding that much of the information I generate is blog worthy for the people that are interested in my personal life. On … Continue reading

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