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Getting down to numbers: quantitative research

Are you building the right product? It’s an important question whether you are a startup or a big company. Good research can help guide you. Doing it incorrectly and you’ll go down the wrong path. There are two basic types … Continue reading

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How to turn on the innovation light bulb

Expect 80-90% of innovation to fail This is the goal that VCs target. Building new things is inherently risky. Expecting every idea to succeed is a recipe for failure. The key is to fail fast. You need a team that … Continue reading

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The experience is the product

Apple retail stores celebrated their 10th anniversary last week. The stores have defied all analyst expectations and have become the highest grossing retailers in the world. The company’s market cap exceeds all of the other players in tech. Its $5,000 … Continue reading

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Building sandcastles on the Web

As I’ve been figuring out what to do next, I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking about what I’ve done in the past. The sad reality of building Web products is that your work quickly disappears. Just as waves … Continue reading

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Picking the wrong default path

I’ve been using my Garmin eTrex Vista Cx GPS for six months. I use it when hiking and to geotag pictures. I noticed that I haven’t been getting the advertised accuracy level; the accuracy has ranged from 25 to 150 … Continue reading

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Two products I’d never consider buying

The Post’s Rob Pegoraro has a story this week on two products I’ll never buy. One is the Samsung Jitterbug, a feature-free cellphone. The other is the HP Printing Mailbox. It connects to a regular telephone line and prints emails … Continue reading

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How to create killer products

As I was writing the posts on the product development process, I thought of a number of the questions that I ask when I’m designing the actual product. The thoughts below are based on more than 12 years of product … Continue reading

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How do you launch a product? – Part two

In part one, I talked about the questions I ask when tackling a new product. Based on the answers to those questions, I’ll outline a path that includes some or all of these tasks: Write initial concept presentation. Work with … Continue reading

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How do you launch a product?

When I’m talking to companies, one of the questions I get asked is “how do you launch a product?” There are so many variables that go in to launching products that the real answer is “it depends.” It depends on … Continue reading

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