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Using photos to show the story

A common refrain in journalism schools is “show don’t tell.” It means to make your writing sufficiently descriptive that readers can visualize what you’re talking about. Instead of writing that the “laptop looked old,” you should write “The laptop bore … Continue reading

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Flickr and privacy rights

Flickr is one of the treasures of the Web. You can find high quality images on just about every topic imaginable. It’s great for sharing with friends, planning vacations and illustrating blog posts. It also raises a lot of issues … Continue reading

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Back from vacation

Two of my favorite pictures: See the complete album on flickr, including the Wright Brothers National Memorial and the North American Sandsculpting Championship in Virginia Beach. Of course, there’s a map.

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Editing photos, as easy as pie at Picnik

Picnik is part of a new class of Web-based photo editing tools that’s making sprucing up photos easy and fun. Picnik does a lot of the things that desktop photo editors do, but with a lot less work. The basics … Continue reading

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Mooving beyond the boring business card

After leaving AOL, I decided to get some personal cards printed. Instead of going the conventional route, I went with Moo. It’s a great little company out of the UK that lets you print cards with full-color pictures on the … Continue reading

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Flickr vs. The Washington Post

There was a big bike race outside my door yesterday. Thousands of people showed up to watch pro cyclists from around the world in the 100km CSC Invitational. What’s the best source to find out about what happened yesterday? Oddly, … Continue reading

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The perfect camera?

One of the examples I frequently use when talking about search engine results and personalization is the query “digital camera”. There is no “right” answer for this query. The right answer depends as much on the needs of the person … Continue reading

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