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The world’s atwitter about Twitter

You know you’ve made the big time when the Wall Street Journal writes about you. (Either that, or you’ve jumped the shark.) Twitter got a lot of love this week, both from the Journal and at the SXSW conference. Twitter … Continue reading

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AIM 6.0’s Buddy Feeds bring another dimension to social networking

Liz at GigaOm writes about my favorite new feature in the AIM 6.0 client released today, the Buddy Feed. I’ve been using it in beta for a few weeks and think it has the potential to really transform social networking. … Continue reading

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Keep the telemarketers away with AIM Phoneline

One of my favorite AOL products is the quietly launched AIM Phoneline. With AIM Phoneline, you get a phone number that goes to a voicemail box. When someone calls the number and leaves a message it gets recorded as an … Continue reading

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Finding out whose AIM BuddyLists you are on

When I look through the search logs for this blog, it seems like a lot of people are trying to find a way to figure out whose AIM BuddyList they are on. It can’t be done. Aside from idle curiosity, … Continue reading

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Unleashing the power of the buddy list

I’ve been using a number of different social networking sites recently – LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr, AIM Pages, Digg, Netscape, YouTube, Yelp, Netflix. With every one of them, I face the same problem. When I join, I’m all by lonesome. (Except … Continue reading

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