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Top trends and predictions for satellite navigation

Yesterday, I wrote about my experiences with various types of satellite navigation. Here are some of the major trends in the space and my predictions for what we can expect to see in the next three years. Trends that will … Continue reading

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Should I get a GPS?

When people get in my car, I’m often asked whether it’s worth getting a GPS. There are five big advantages that all GPS units have over paper maps and print outs from Mapquest and Google Maps: They will tell you … Continue reading

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Time of day and online maps

If you follow the online driving directions from Mapquest, Google Maps or Yahoo! from Reston, Va. to Washington, D.C., in the morning, there’s a very good chance you’ll get a ticket. Why? All three route you on I-66, the eastbound … Continue reading

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iPods and cars

Nearly five years into the iPod revolution, there remains no iPod/car integration that provides a complete experience. For many people, the only option is to use an FM transmitter. Others can choose to play their iPods through a tape player … Continue reading

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