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Writing news for search engines and blogs

One of the reasons I love blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to see things at a micro level. I can see patterns and analyze data in a way that I couldn’t in a typical work role. When … Continue reading

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Old media strikes back

The New York Times killed the fake Steve Jobs. Brad Stone identified Daniel Lyons as the blogger who has been writing the fake Secret Diary of Steve “Dude, I friggin invented the iPhone” Jobs. Lyons is himself an old media … Continue reading

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Living in a fragmented media world

Jason Fry has a thoughtful piece on the fragmentation of media in the WSJ: A Reality Check for Newspapers (subscription required). He talks about fragmentation of television, music and newspapers. Some excerpts from the discussion on newspapers: Articles are emailed … Continue reading

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The power of bloggers

Two great stories this week that illustrate how the influence of bloggers equals and sometimes eclipses mainstream media: TechCrunch reports on an erroneous Engadget story that shaved $4 billion off the value of Apple. The story, based on a fake … Continue reading

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A new local platform from Topix

I’ve written before about the need for newspapers to go hyperlocal — allow readers to get ultra-targetted news about where they live from their neighbors. Topix, a company owned by newspaper companies, is offering a platform to do that. Topix … Continue reading

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The world’s atwitter about Twitter

You know you’ve made the big time when the Wall Street Journal writes about you. (Either that, or you’ve jumped the shark.) Twitter got a lot of love this week, both from the Journal and at the SXSW conference. Twitter … Continue reading

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Journalists, bloggers and parasites

There’s an interesting discussion at the Online Journalism Review about whether bloggers are parasites: Over the past months, I’ve heard several journalists make the same comment at various industry forums: That blogs are a “parasitic” medium that wouldn’t be able … Continue reading

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Module-based personal publishing

On my personal blog, I’m experimenting with module-based publishing. As I adopt new services across the Web, I’m finding that much of the information I generate is blog worthy for the people that are interested in my personal life. On … Continue reading

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