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Attack of the wireless patent trolls

I did a vanity search last night on the patent office’s published application database looking for some patents I’ve submitted. I came across a lot of patents submitted by Strategic Patents, P.C. The name itself screams patent troll. Trolls are … Continue reading

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NewsCorpNBCYahooMSNMySpaceAOLTube vs. GooTube

NBC and News Corp announced a broad-reaching partnership this week that will feature shows from NBC and Fox on AOL, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo! — all the major Internet players except Google, the owner of YouTube. The major television networks … Continue reading

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Cleaning up my digital neighborhood

My neighborhood undergone a lot of change in the three years I’ve lived here. It’s been very exciting to see new businesses come in and sad to see some old favorites go away. (I’m still puzzled as to how the … Continue reading

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AOL launches local beta

AOL Local has a beta of a new map-based search product. It’s a solid first effort, and one that is competitive with offerings from Google, Yahoo! and Yelp. AOL Local plays up AOL’s primary differentiator over the competition: exclusive content … Continue reading

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AOL – It Doesn’t Suck

I have a T-shirt from the late 90s for an editor called BBEdit. Their slogan was “It Doesn’t Suck.” I was reminded of that this week reading through the comments on a TechCrunch piece about AOL’s new mail beta. The … Continue reading

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Top trends and predictions for satellite navigation

Yesterday, I wrote about my experiences with various types of satellite navigation. Here are some of the major trends in the space and my predictions for what we can expect to see in the next three years. Trends that will … Continue reading

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Text to self: buy milk

I finally broke down and signed up for an SMS plan. Since then, I’ve been texting myself key nuggets of information: Airline and hotel confirmation numbers Addresses and phone numbers of new restaurants I’m trying Shopping lists The easiest way … Continue reading

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How is the ODP being used today?

One of my tasks lately has been looking at the Open Directory Project, also known as The ODP was started back in the late 90s as an alternative to the Yahoo! directory by Rich Skrenta. It sits between a … Continue reading

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How much will my commute suck today? Ask Google

I was checking out Google Maps yesterday and noticed the addition of traffic to the map. It showed that traffic for the ride home was much worse than I’ve ever seen on a Wednesday night. Figuring it was a first-day … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Search knows what you mean

I was looking through the referrer data for this blog and noticed an entry from Yahoo search for “redisgn my screen on yahoo”. I tried the search to see why the blog would come up – it looks like Yahoo! … Continue reading

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