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Deal: Virgin America vouchers for travel through June 15

Last summer, Virgin America ran an incredible deal for air travel. I bought too many and need to get rid of some of them. These are great vouchers that are good for any city in Virgin’s route map. They are … Continue reading

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Why I didn’t write about Groupon’s 1Q earnings

Some of you undoubtedly noticed that I didn’t write up my views on Groupon’s earnings. It’s not because Groupon suddenly proved that I’ve been wrong for the past year. To the contrary, Groupon’s earnings report reinforced everything I believe about … Continue reading

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Bet with Alex Lawrence

I have a bet with Alex Lawrence that is a derivative of my bet with Paul Kedrosky. If I win my bet with Kedrosky on 5/15, I win the bet with Lawrence. This means that at the end of trading on … Continue reading

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More PR tips for startups

Here are some more PR tips for startups: Be out there. Reporters often get story ideas or thoughts for sources by doing Google searches or looking through blogs. If you have a strong presence elsewhere, it increased the odds that … Continue reading

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Weekly reader: GrubHub, Yelp, Groupon, computer science

I was in New Orleans for Jazz Fest this week, but managed to get more writing in than I expected. For the first time this week, we saw Groupon drop below 50% of its initial IPO price of $20, closing … Continue reading

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