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There are only two deal companies that matter: Facebook and Google

Much has been made of Facebook’s decision last week to exit the daily deals space. Yesterday, Yelp told Bloomberg’s Doug MacMillan that it is also exiting the daily deals space. A lot of the analysis has used these examples to … Continue reading

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An open letter to Andrew Mason: You’re wrong

Dear Andrew, I must admit I was surprised to read your email to employees yesterday. I say this because I’ve reached out to your PR team in the course of covering Groupon and they’ve often used the excuse that you’re … Continue reading

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For Groupon employees: my visit to Chicago

I’m interested in meeting with Groupon employees and former employees when I visit Chicago next week. I will be in town from the evening of Sept. 1 through the evening of Sept. 6 and would love to meet with you. … Continue reading

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Moo does things right

A couple of years ago, I’d ordered some business cards from Moo. At the same time I’d prepaid for my next pack. Atypically for me, I forgot to note the details of the offer. When it came time for me … Continue reading

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Roundup of my Groupon and daily deals coverage

If you have experiences — good or bad — that you’d like to share, email I also maintain a companion blog focused on sharing Groupon, LivingSocial and other deal experiences. Start here Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse Deal-a-day … Continue reading

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The terrible numbers that Groupon doesn’t want you to focus on

Note: If you have Groupon or other daily deal experiences to share, please email Even in its revised S-1 issued last week, Andrew Mason’s letter directs potential shareholders to three key metrics: gross profit, free cash flow, and the … Continue reading

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Could Google use Motorola and mobile to muscle its way into social? Does antitrust law matter?

Today’s announcement of Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility shines a brighter light on the antitrust conversations that were getting louder at the end of last week.  Bloomberg reported that companies such as Microsoft, Expedia and Yelp may have been asked to … Continue reading

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Why big tech companies often fail

AOL closed an awful week with market cap of $1.26 billion. In December 2005, Google had invested $1 billion for 5% of AOL, giving the company an implied valuation of $20 billion. In less than 6 years, AOL has lost … Continue reading

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Comments from an Australian daily deals site that pivoted

Here is an email exchange I had with an Australian deals site that pivoted away from the daily deals model. Note that, as I’ve said in the past, an upfront payment model encourages fraud from merchants who take the money … Continue reading

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The SEC should have Groupon start over on its S-1

I’ve spent much of the last two days dissecting the second amendment to the Groupon S-1. I was hoping to post my complete thoughts tonight, but I’ve seen so much shoddy reporting on this S-1 that I want to make … Continue reading

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