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The strategy of the Feud

One of my guilty pleasures is watching the Family Feud. Those who know the show can skip the rest of this paragraph. The Family Feud is an American TV show that pits two families (in teams of five) against each … Continue reading

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NY Times launches My Times

The New York Times has opened its My Times customized home page to the public. (via Techcrunch) Anyone who has used My Yahoo!, Pageflakes, Netvibes or iGoogle will find the look and feel very familiar. The default modules include Journalist’s … Continue reading

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iPhone as your social network

I had a chance earlier this week to try the new Facebook application for iPhone. The app, developed by Joe Hewitt, is a version of Facebook optimized for the iPhone. Many of the core features of Facebook are available on … Continue reading

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Brazen highway robbery in Nebraska

You see a sign advertising gas at $3.09 a gallon. You pull in and fill up. After filling up, you realize that you were charged $3.59 a gallon for the same grade of gas. Bait and switch? Sounds like it. … Continue reading

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Google introduces embeddable maps for your Web site

In the latest incarnation of widgets that let users slice-and-dice content, Google Maps is now allowing users to embed maps on Web sites. Several of Google’s other properties allow users to embed content, including YouTube’s embeddable videos and Picasa’s slideshows. … Continue reading

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On newspapers, Osama bin Laden and Google

The Los Angeles Times weighed in on the new Google News feature which allows sources quoted in stories to respond. After a bizarre lead — “Many publishers consider the Internet, and Google in particular, a greater threat to their livelihoods … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing journalism education at Medill

Chicago magazine has a piece on the challenges facing John Lavine, the new dean at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism as he sets a new course for teaching journalism. “It would be unethical for us to educate you to only … Continue reading

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