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Brazen highway robbery in Nebraska

You see a sign advertising gas at $3.09 a gallon. You pull in and fill up. After filling up, you realize that you were charged $3.59 a gallon for the same grade of gas. Bait and switch? Sounds like it. … Continue reading

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Google introduces embeddable maps for your Web site

In the latest incarnation of widgets that let users slice-and-dice content, Google Maps is now allowing users to embed maps on Web sites. Several of Google’s other properties allow users to embed content, including YouTube’s embeddable videos and Picasa’s slideshows. … Continue reading

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On newspapers, Osama bin Laden and Google

The Los Angeles Times weighed in on the new Google News feature which allows sources quoted in stories to respond. After a bizarre lead — “Many publishers consider the Internet, and Google in particular, a greater threat to their livelihoods … Continue reading

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Revolutionizing journalism education at Medill

Chicago magazine has a piece on the challenges facing John Lavine, the new dean at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism as he sets a new course for teaching journalism. “It would be unethical for us to educate you to only … Continue reading

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comScore redefines search, Google wins bigger

ComScore is changing the methodology for its qSearch market share ratings. Instead of just counting search activity at the major search engines, comScore is expanding the definition of search to include searches at sites such as Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, MySpace, … Continue reading

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Rewriting your corporate history on Wikipedia

WIRED has a story about companies rewriting their history on Wikipedia. The story is based on Wikipedia Scanner, a tool from Cal Tech grad student Virgil Griffith that allows you to look up anonymous Wikipedia edits from a specific company’s … Continue reading

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AOL launches improved mobile search

AOL today released its new beta of mobile search. Congratulations to rockstar developer Alan Tai and product manager Farhan Memon. Alan did much of the initial prototyping on his own time while we worked to get approval. I pushed the … Continue reading

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Google’s $4.55 bag of cookies

Vending machine priced by grams of fat, Google, San Jose, California.jpg, originally uploaded by gruntzooki. I was visiting my friend Adam at Google yesterday and he pointed out a vending machine in Google’s Building 43. A vending machine on the … Continue reading

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Why we love social networks

There was a comment in Paul Kedrosky’s blog last month asking about the real value of social networks: Facebook, MySpace, I don’t get it: personalize a webpage template and exchange links, I mean friendships, with people. Since I responded to … Continue reading

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Virgin America takes to the skies; Chron doesn’t

Wednesday marked the inaugural flights of Virgin America, a new low-cost airline based in San Francisco. Virgin America is currently flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles and New York. This fall it will add flights to Las Vegas and … Continue reading

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