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GPS for Blackberry and Calendar come to Google Mobile

Google announced GPS support on the Blackberry 8800. This is a huge move. It’s great that a major U.S. carrier, Cingular AT&T, is allowing free access to location data. I would have expected them to disable GPS access. I love … Continue reading

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IMing from your cell with EQO

EQO launched a new Voice over IP service for cell phones this week. The downloadable software allows you to make cheap international calls from your cell phone. A call from the U.S. to London on EQO costs 2.3c per minute, … Continue reading

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Making voicemail more useful

I was at the airport and saw on my phone’s screen that I missed a call from my friend Wanita. I called her back. “What do you think?,” she said. “About what? You called me.” “Didn’t you listen to my … Continue reading

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