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Post on privacy

The Post’s Ellen Nakashima follows a real estate agent around for a day pointing out all of the times when she’s being tracked – whether it’s by a security camera, email server, electronic toll collector or search engine. (There’s no … Continue reading

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Netflix movies without the red envelope

Netflix is beginning to experiment with streaming movies and TV shows on demand to PCs. Customers will soon be able to watch movies and TV shows like “The Office” without having to wait for the red envelope to show up … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Search knows what you mean

I was looking through the referrer data for this blog and noticed an entry from Yahoo search for “redisgn my screen on yahoo”. I tried the search to see why the blog would come up – it looks like Yahoo! … Continue reading

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Using the Web to shame

The WSJ has a fun story (subscription required) about using the Web to shame people who do bad things like cut you off in traffic, park in handicapped spots and talk too loudly on cell phones. The digital age allows … Continue reading

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