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On vacation

I’m on vacation next week and in Dublin the following week.

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Hillary Clinton asks Yahoo! for answers

Last week, we saw the media splash that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made by announcing their candidacies on their Web sites. This week, the Clinton camp asked Yahoo! Answers users “Based on your own family’s experience, what do you … Continue reading

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Custom pictures come to credit cards

You can do a lot of things with your pictures these days – turn them into notecards, magnets, calendars, mugs, puzzles, stamps, T-shirts. With all the gimmicks credit card companies use to try to get you to pick their plastic … Continue reading

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Fare Guard – a (bad) option on low airfares

Farecast is one of my favorite sites for checking out airfares. It’s a data junkie’s dream – Farecast does for airfares what Zillow does for real estate data. You can slice and dice airfare data in a number of different … Continue reading

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Gmail and the geek set

I’ve noticed lately how many of my friends and colleagues have adopted Gmail addresses. Although Gmail is still a very distant 4th place (after Yahoo!, MSN and AOL) when it comes to the broad Internet audience, it seems to have … Continue reading

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World Explorer: A new way to look at the world

The folks at Yahoo! Research have used flickr’s APIs to create a new way to look at the world. The TagMaps take tags from flickr and plot them on Yahoo! maps. The current implementation is slow and the display of … Continue reading

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Post on privacy

The Post’s Ellen Nakashima follows a real estate agent around for a day pointing out all of the times when she’s being tracked – whether it’s by a security camera, email server, electronic toll collector or search engine. (There’s no … Continue reading

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