June 27, 2007

I (heart) Facebook

Filed under: facebook, social networking, web 2, web 2.0 — Rakesh Agrawal @ 2:53 pm

I’m hooked on Facebook. In various ways, it replaces Twitter, Digg, Bluedot, plaxo and LinkedIn. And there’s a chance that it will replace my spam-laden email box, at least for messages from people I care about.

I’m too invested in flickr to replace it with Facebook’s photo tools, but with Facebook’s platform I don’t need to.

Facebook is mobile, too. I managed to fill my layover in Cincinnati catching up on the latest from my friends.

The key to a social network is who’s on it. I’ve been impressed by the number of people I know who are on it and their level of activity — it’s not just another service they signed up for and don’t use. My network on Facebook has grown much faster than my LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter networks.

Recommended reading: Danah Boyd, an ethnographer at UC-Berkley, has a thought-provoking piece on her blog analyzing class division through Facebook and MySpace. Danah has spent years studying MySpace and teens.

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