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Weekly reader: PayPal vs. Square, AmEx, Yahoo! as patent troll and deals

This contains a summary of my work, where I’ve been quoted by others as well as some other highlights of the week. My work PayPal at retail is a terrible product — I had a chance to look at PayPal’s new … Continue reading

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PayPal to try to compete with Groupon, but will it matter?

PayPal is preparing to launch a Groupon competitor in the first  quarter of 2012, according to Bloomberg. The eBay subsidiary hopes to tap into its base of 103 million accountholders. From what I’ve seen so far, this doesn’t seem like … Continue reading

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Use your client’s product (and your own)

I was having dinner with a friend who works at a large payments company last night. One of the things that we discussed was the importance of using your client’s (or prospective client’s) products. If you’re visiting American Express, use … Continue reading

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With Mike Dudas: Foursquare will have a Slide-like exit. Winner gets dinner at the place of his choosing. Slide was purchased by Google for $182 million, a come down from the $500 million valuation at the last round. Because we … Continue reading

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Media requests

I’m available to comment on many technology topics related to mobile, local, payments and search. I’m happy to do email, phone, Skype or satellite interviews. My analysis spans: Consumer impact Competitor impact Financial analysis and public market impact Public policy … Continue reading

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Social media and the new world of work — my take

I’ve been on Twitter since 2007. According to the stats, I have 39.8k tweets in that time. In those seven years, the feed has changed a lot. It’s gone from a largely personal feed with friends and a few colleagues … Continue reading

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Why I’m joining OLO’s advisory board

I’m pleased to announce that I’m joining the advisory board of OLO. You can see the press release here. Forbes recently had a great write up of OLO. OLO provides online ordering for companies such as Five Guys, Noodles & Co. and … Continue reading

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eBay Now offers same-day delivery from local retailers

[Note: I will be adding screenshots. Check back in about an hour.] eBay is trying to revolutionize local commerce. eBay’s new product, eBay Now, allows consumers to have same-day delivery of products found at local retailers. It weaves together eBay’s … Continue reading

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New bet with Felix Salmon of Reuters

I have a new bet with Felix Salmon of Reuters tied to an exit for Square. I win the bet if: Square is acquired on or before December 31, 2012 by anyone other than PayPal. Felix wins the bet if: … Continue reading

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Groupon investors race for the exits as lockup ends

Groupon shares dropped to a new all-time low today as its lockup ended, releasing a torrent of new shares on to the market. Thirty minutes into the trading session, Groupon had already traded 75% of its average daily trading volume. … Continue reading

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