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Ads that work: CapitalOne Card Lab on flickr

There’s so much ad clutter out there that it’s rare to see an ad that really hits the nail on the head. Here’s one that jumped out at me: an ad for CapitalOne’s Card Lab. CapitalOne lets you customize many … Continue reading

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Nats + flickr + PicLens = wow!

Check out the great pictures on flickr from opening night at the Nats’ new stadium. This crowdsourced collection is much more captivating than the skeletal slideshow at For best effect, install the PicLens Firefox extension. See also: Flickr vs. … Continue reading

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Lake Tahoe and Reno pictures on flickr

Pictures from my trip to Lake Tahoe and Reno are online. Highlights of the trip were Emerald Bay, Virginia City and the National Automobile Museum in Reno. The museum is really the only thing in Reno I found worthwhile. Here … Continue reading

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Flickr places provides a wide-angle view of the world

My friends who’ve seen me walk around with a GPS as I take pictures on vacation or hikes think I’m a little bit odd. But apparently, I’m not the only one. In the 15 months since Flickr officially supported geotagging, … Continue reading

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Flickr and privacy rights

Flickr is one of the treasures of the Web. You can find high quality images on just about every topic imaginable. It’s great for sharing with friends, planning vacations and illustrating blog posts. It also raises a lot of issues … Continue reading

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Flickr vs. The Washington Post

There was a big bike race outside my door yesterday. Thousands of people showed up to watch pro cyclists from around the world in the 100km CSC Invitational. What’s the best source to find out about what happened yesterday? Oddly, … Continue reading

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Watching time go by, flickr style

A terrific presentation from Andrew Tomkins of Yahoo! Research at ICWSM today. He mentioned Yahoo’s Taglines – another way of visualizing flickr data. Flickr photos and the top tags for each day float by. (It gets better if you start … Continue reading

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Geotagging the world with Flickr, part II

With the release of Flickr’s geotagging, I wanted to revisit the topic of personal maps. Now that people can geotag pictures, I want the ability to use that data on my maps. If I’m on Google Maps and pull up … Continue reading

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Geotagging the world with Flickr

At long last, Flickr has released a geotagging interface. Geo tagging is the process of applying longitude and latitude data to assets – in Flickr’s case, to images. Why would you want to do this? It’s easiest to explain with … Continue reading

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eBay Now offers same-day delivery from local retailers

[Note: I will be adding screenshots. Check back in about an hour.] eBay is trying to revolutionize local commerce. eBay’s new product, eBay Now, allows consumers to have same-day delivery of products found at local retailers. It weaves together eBay’s … Continue reading

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