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Deal: Virgin America vouchers for travel through June 15

Last summer, Virgin America ran an incredible deal for air travel. I bought too many and need to get rid of some of them. These are great vouchers that are good for any city in Virgin’s route map. They are … Continue reading

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Weekly reader: American Express, Virgin America, startup advice

I’m testing a new feature summarizing my work and interesting finds of the week. This will contain a summary of my work, where I’ve been quoted by others as well as some other highlights of the week. My work 11 … Continue reading

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Virgin America knows how to make daily deals work

I admit it. I am in the bag for Virgin America. I have been since before they took off. (Literally.) I once live tweeted a flight to San Diego using their in-flight WiFi. Savvy travelers will recognize that the picture … Continue reading

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Virgin America takes to the skies; Chron doesn’t

Wednesday marked the inaugural flights of Virgin America, a new low-cost airline based in San Francisco. Virgin America is currently flying from San Francisco to Los Angeles and New York. This fall it will add flights to Las Vegas and … Continue reading

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Virgin America set for takeoff

Virgin America, a new low-cost carrier based in San Francisco, is set for an Aug. 8 takeoff. The carrier has faced some turbulent skies due in part to its partial ownership by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. Initial routes are San … Continue reading

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Virgin America planes at SFO

As I was taking off from SFO yesterday, I noticed the Virgin logo on three smaller airplanes. On closer inspection, the Airbuses had Virgin America‘s livery. I was tempted to snap a picture, but resisted out of fear of being … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on customer service

As a product guy, I’m always looking to improve products and experiences. Much of my thinking is driven based on more than a decade of creating online products and focusing on the integrated product experience. This includes brand, marketing, sales, … Continue reading

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PR tips

Companies I cover regularly: Facebook, Google, Groupon, LivingSocial, Yelp, Square, American Express. Other high-profile companies I have written about: Uber, Airbnb, AOL, Netflix, Virgin America, Yahoo! My areas of interest: Social networking, mobile, local, Internet-connected devices and video convergence. Thematically, … Continue reading

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Short-term, transactional thinking in a social media world

I woke up this morning to find a bill under my door for a $7.60 bottle of water, courtesy of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Apparently the bottle of water next to the bathroom sink wasn’t free. There wasn’t … Continue reading

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Up In The Air

The airline industry is one of the most volatile out there. I’ve had a chance to experience many of the ups and downs of the industry on a variety of U.S. and foreign carriers. U.S. carriers Alaska American Cape Air … Continue reading

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