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Lighting up Google Maps in red and green

Creative Commons image from flickr user listentoreason. Google’s LatLong blog reports that The Ledger in Florida has published a Google My Map of Christmas lights in and around Lakeland, Fla. It’s great that newspapers are finally starting to use open … Continue reading

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Google Maps tackles the last block problem

A longstanding problem with online maps and navigation devices is that your destination is often not where they say it is. When you reach the “destination”, you’re often a few hundred feet from where you wanted to be. There are … Continue reading

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Google Maps gets social

Google has added a profile page for its My Maps and local reviews products. The profile page allows users to roll up their maps and reviews onto one page. Here’s a screenshot of my profile page: In addition to links … Continue reading

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Fun with Google Maps and geotagging

Here’s a fun trick: copy the KML link from the bottom of a flickr page and paste it into the Google Maps search box. Here are my favorite flickr pictures plotted on Google Maps. (Click through to view it full … Continue reading

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Let Google Maps do the walking

Matt Cutts points out a great mashup for apartment hunters: Walk Score. One of the most important criteria I have when looking for a place to live is whether I can walk to (or stumble back from) places. Walk Score … Continue reading

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Google Maps adds traffic time estimates

Google Maps is now including estimated travel times in heavy traffic in its driving directions. The details on Google’s LatLong blog post are vague. The service is available in “a limited set of metropolitan areas.” It looks like Google is … Continue reading

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Google Maps on jetBlue

I recently had the chance to see the Google Maps on jetBlue that I wrote about earlier. The maps are pretty simple; no satellite views or other cool Google features. They rotate among zoom levels. (My photostream has other examples.) … Continue reading

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Using Google Maps as a virtual notepad

I get recommendations on restaurants all the time from various sources – friends, the Post food critic’s weekly chat, articles I read, etc. I’ve had scattered approaches to keeping track of them. I used to email them to myself. Then … Continue reading

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Google Maps launches local reviews

In a potentially huge blow to local services like Yelp, CitySearch, and AOLCityGuide, Google is now offering users the ability to leave reviews for businesses they search on. To date, Google has aggregated reviews from those sites and others in … Continue reading

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Google Maps takes to the skies with JetBlue

JetBlue is now using Google Maps to show you where you are when flying across the country. Just hope you don’t find yourself staring at JFK on the Google Maps screen while stranded on the tarmac. It’s a unique brand … Continue reading

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