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Why Google’s acquisition of Zagat matters

Today, Google announced its acquisition of Zagat, the company that publishes the venerable restaurant and hotel review guides. It’s a terrific acquisition. If Google executes correctly, this deal could be as significant as the YouTube deal has been. (I was … Continue reading

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My policy on anonymous sources

I’m wrapping up a successful trip to Chicago where I had the opportunity to meet with Groupon PR and several Groupon insiders, talk with merchants and experiment with Groupon Now in a market where the product has sufficient density for … Continue reading

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Oregon chiropractors ban Groupon type deals; dentistry board has concerns

The Oregon Board of Dentistry is notifying dentists that running Groupons and other daily deals may violate rules against “unprofessional conduct.” From the board’s Web site: !!NEWSFLASH!! Internet Coupon Advertising!!! Please Read!! The Board has recently become aware of different … Continue reading

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Thoughts on love, hate and Twitter, blogging

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or reading this blog, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed that I frequently use words like “sucks,” “shitty,” “terrible” and “horrid.” I also frequently use words like “brilliant,” “genius,” “amazing” and “great.” So, you may … Continue reading

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