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Rocky’s paper eater

The movers came today and loaded up all my stuff for the move West. I laughed out loud when I looked at the inventory and saw “paper eater” as the description for my shredder. And I think she packed the … Continue reading

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What would you do with $600?

That question seems to be on a lot of people’s minds these days, thanks to the newly announced $150 billion stimulus package. “I would like my check and I think everybody else feels the same way,” said David Wyss Chief … Continue reading

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Starting cars for dummies

You turn the key and the engine goes vroom. That’s how you start a car. In the more than 10 years since I started driving, there have been a lot of change in cars. I’ve seen the addition of safety … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader – Jan. 12, 2008 – Tasing to your tunes, connected car

Busy with CES and the new job this week, so I didn’t get to do a whole lot of reading. These caught my eye: CES Video: Gadget of the day (Los Angeles Times) – Taser has introduced a stun gun … Continue reading

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Packaged pani puri as progress

A few years ago at the TV Critics Association press tour my friend Neal asked NBC head Jeff Zucker why there weren’t any South Asians on ER. Anyone who has been to a hospital knows that they’re full of South … Continue reading

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Fly me to the trough

“The Spirit of Pigcinnati,” Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Kentucky. Creative Commons image by flickr user richmanwisco. USA Today reports that the government is wasting $110 million each year flying empty planes, another great example of Congressional pork. The “Essential” Air … Continue reading

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Weekly Reader – Jan. 5, 2008 – Pricing, advertising and DVRs

This week’s interesting reads: Some thoughts on pricing (Redeye VC) – First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman examines pricing strategies. He starts with pricing of soda in a hotel and found a range of $1 to $4.50. The overall range is … Continue reading

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‘Tellme about your new gig’

I have accepted a new job doing product marketing at Tellme Networks for their automotive consumer services. If you’re saying “WTF?,” well, let’s just say that it’s an exciting opportunity to invent the future. Tellme is located in Mountain View, … Continue reading

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