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An apology, an explanation and a bunch of thank yous

I hate non-apology “apologies,”¬†so let me make this simple: I’m sorry. I especially apologize again to Ms. Smedley. The reality is that a lot of things went wrong that week. If one email, one phone call, one meeting had gone … Continue reading

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The death of nuance: Komen, ALS and Uber

It seems to me there’s been a death of nuanced thought. Or at least a death of nuance in public discourse. You’re either with us or against us. Some things are purely good and some things are purely evil. But … Continue reading

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PR tip: Don’t use a celebrity’s death to pitch your company

This must be a bad week for PR. In the payments industry, Square put out a stupid blog post listing¬†all the reasons why someone might want to worry about the company. That was topped by the pitch below. It should … Continue reading

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You have a friend who is depressed? Here’s what to do

A friend posted this on Facebook: My suggestion for how to honor Robin William’s passing: Skip watching his movie clips and reach out to a friend or family member who may be in a bad place/suffering from depression. As someone … Continue reading

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The smartest question I was asked by an entrepreneur and team member

I’ve been quite active behind the scenes with some angel investments and building up the team for redesignmobile. A big part of that has been having deep conversations where I ask questions about what they want to do and they … Continue reading

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Why I retweet racist assholes

You’ll often see me retweet the racism that is directed my way. Why do I bother? Because I think it’s important to be reminded that racism still exists, even though SCOTUS and Fox News like to pretend that we’re in … Continue reading

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Social media and the new world of work — my take

I’ve been on Twitter since 2007. According to the stats, I have 39.8k tweets in that time. In those seven years, the feed has changed a lot. It’s gone from a largely personal feed with friends and a few colleagues … Continue reading

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