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A simple fix to an Uber-related security issue

Uber has had its share of security issues. To be fair, these have been blown out of proportion by an innumerate media that doesn’t understand that when you have numbers the scale of Uber, some bad things will happen. One … Continue reading

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Thoughts on service startups

As someone who lives in SF, I spend a lot of time trying various startups. Here’s a quick summary. Highly recommended Uber Shyp Others I’ve looked at Swapbox Caviar Homejoy Pending

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My genius product/service list

Following up on my genius people list, here’s a quick list of products I love. Evernote – The popular note taking tool serves as not only my repository of personal notes, but an intranet of sorts for redesign mobile. Evernote … Continue reading

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My genius list

One of my favorite things about what I do is the opportunity to meet some brilliant people. It seems that every week I meet someone who I’d consider a genius. If you ever have the opportunity for a meeting with … Continue reading

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A few New Year’s changes to the @rakeshlobster twitter feed

As I’m ramping up redesign | mobile, I’ve been looking at how I use Twitter. I’m trying to find the optimal mix of providing interesting, engaging content while also devoting the attention that my company needs. A few thoughts on … Continue reading

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The death of nuance: Komen, ALS and Uber

It seems to me there’s been a death of nuanced thought. Or at least a death of nuance in public discourse. You’re either with us or against us. Some things are purely good and some things are purely evil. But … Continue reading

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PR tip: Don’t use a celebrity’s death to pitch your company

This must be a bad week for PR. In the payments industry, Square put out a stupid blog post listing all the reasons why someone might want to worry about the company. That was topped by the pitch below. It should … Continue reading

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