About Rakesh Agrawal

Rocky Agrawal is a product and marketing strategist who has spent 15 years working in Web and mobile media. His areas of expertise include social networks, local, commerce, payments and mobile technologies.

He consults on product and marketing strategy for a range of companies. As part of his practice, he advises institutional investors on Internet and mobile technologies.

Rocky has created numerous innovative consumer products for Microsoft’s Tellme subsidiary, AOL Search, and In the startup world, he worked at uReach Technologies. He launched one of the first online college newspapers in 1993, The Daily Northwestern. In 1995, he launched one of the first online commercial newspapers,

He is an occasional contributor to VentureBeat and TechCrunch. He also appears regularly on Bloomberg West and CNBC. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, Boston Globe, Marketplace, Bloomberg Businessweek, Radio New Zealand, CBS Los Angeles and other media outlets.

Rocky has a patent on social news feeds and several others pending.

He is a graduate of Northwestern University, with a bachelor’s in journalism and concentrations in economics and sociology.

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  1. Mr. Agrawal,
    I love your article “Why discounts are becoming the Raw Deal”. I was wondering if you would be willing to chat about a new App I have developed and have patents pending on? I imagine you are busy, so I greatly appreciate any time you might have to spare. I have owned several cafe’s out here in the Las Vegas area and developed an Application that directly addresses points you have made in your article. Please contact me if you don’t mind at

    Thank You,

    Dave G

    Comment by Dave G — June 20, 2011 @ 9:35 pm

  2. [...] i hear so much shit about groupon im disgusted. groupon has done amazing things for this town, my friends who graduated and needed jobs, and the quality of their lives improved. it is easy to criticize but let’s be real– how many of us have created billion dollar companies? do we know anything about what that is like because we read a techcrunch article written by some chicago negative nancy named rocky agrawal? what does rocky, a product strategist, know about being the leader of a giant movement like groupon? men like rocky aren’t brad keywells. they don’t take risks, or entertain failure, they go work at companies like microsoft. [...]

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