April 15, 2008

Stupidest product of the year

Filed under: media — Rakesh Agrawal @ 10:47 am

It’s only April, but I’m ready to crown a winner for stupidest product of the year: Hawaii IPTV.

I love most things Hawaii, so I was intrigued when the email hit my Inbox. I’ve written before about how IPTV will allow us to personalize our experience well beyond what’s available on satellite and cable. I could watch Hawaiian television content from the mainland.

Sounds great, but there’s a big but. Instead of just delivering content that works with existing hardware, Hawaii IPTV requires that you purchase and install a separate settop box. For only $125.

Imagine having to have a separate box for each channel you like: ESPN, CNN, Comedy Central. And don’t forget the remote for each of those.

At least Vudu and MovieBeam had a broader audience base. This thing has no chance. Did I mention that the service is an additional $21.50 a month?

Illustration of Hawaii IPTV

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  1. Why is TV more resistant to disruption by the web than Music or Print Media?…

    A few reasons: * MVPDs like Comcast, DirecTV and Verizon cut big checks. Programmers like ESPN, Scripps, Discovery and others know that they need to keep them happy. Putting all of their content on-demand online isn’t going to happen, even if it might…

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